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On September 16th, we invited people living in Yoshida Town, Uwajima City to go to Kushima as an event for a tea party held once a month.





  • Promote connections to people, purpose of life, and physical and mental health through regional discussions.

■「島の思い出ピアノ」社会福祉法人 正和会 地域共生事業部






A universal restaurant built at the former Kushima Elementary School.

Since it was an elementary school music room, there were many memorable things such as stepping organs, records, and portraits of musicians.Due to the influence of Corona, the business has just begun, and while many people do not know it yet, we were chartered for the day, but some customers came without a reservation.I ate a ginger-grilled, set meal. It was very delicious and the classroom was full, so Mr. Tanimoto, the director of the center, and I was able to eat while looking at the schoolyard and the nature of Kushima outside, and the 12 people who participated were also very satisfied. Was there.If possible, there was a request to do it every month, and I realized that it was a fun time for everyone.






Kushima Elementary School was integrated with Tsurushima Elementary School in 2017 due to the declining population and fewer children. Mr. Kikuchi of the Community Symbiosis Division of the social welfare corporation Showakai is using the closed school as a kitchen master to serve as a restaurant.Kushina's population is about 800.

I visited again on Sunday the 26th, ate curry rice, fried rice, and omelet rice that I didn't eat at the tea party, and drank iced coffee after the meal.The shape of the rice of curry rice and fried rice is the shape of Kushima, and the image of Kushima Ohashi and the farmed raft with sweets.The arrangement is fun and I have a feeling of love for the island.Iced coffee can be drunk for a limited time at Shekelato, which was shaken because Mr. Kikuchi had experience as a bartender.It was sweeter and easier to drink than regular iced coffee.The people of the island are very kind and very happy and welcome to young people and those who come from outside the island. I think travelers will also be healed.


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