【FMがいや 76.9 MH】CSTOYS Toku Wave: うわじまアップデート #007



A board game event was held on September 23 at the Rinpokan in Mima Town.  Some students came to play and played the game for about 3 hours. We had the Horibata Game Club of the Central Public Hall come to us, and this time it was a game that made friends with teamwork.It was time for us to laugh and get rid of it as I was experiencing stress because of the environment of the new coronavirus infection.There are about 480 board game cafes nationwide, and it seems that they are also in Uwajima City, so I will look for opportunities.When we held a board game in August, we played a game with a person who had been evacuated due to a typhoon.I think it will reduce stress from evacuation.I hope that board games will attract attention at evacuation centers in the future.




Bibs(Scrimmage vests) of the Uwajima NPO Center were completed on September 15, so the staff wore it and operated it. Bibs(Scrimmage vest) is a color number which transmits the role and affiliation of the wearer at a glance.Our bibs(scrimmage vest) can know who you lent to by including the number as well as the name, and by entering the number, it is easy to instruct what number person to call.And on the back, the QR code of the homepage of the Uwajima NPO Center is pasted.It is a public relations that you can see the activity contents on the spot immediately.


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