【FMがいや 76.9 MH】CSTOYS Toku Wave: うわじまアップデート #008



10月17日(土)9:00~ 住吉公民館、もてころ食堂で防災ゲーム、ボードゲームを開催



October 17th (Sat) 9: 00-Disaster prevention games and board games were held at Sumiyoshi Public Hall and Motekoro Shokudo.About 15 people, mainly elementary school students and high school students who came to help, played a disaster prevention game, "Catfish School", "Just One", "Bob Jiten", and "Shin Uwajima Karuta". The game was divided into 3 groups, and although the number of staff was small, the children learned the rules quickly and were able to proceed on their own, which helped us.I think it was a good area for teamwork overall.I think it was a good area for teamwork as a whole. On the day of the event, a volunteer recruitment leaflet was set up at the Uwajima NPO Center, and a high school girl registered on the spot. ..


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