【FMがいや 76.9 MH】CSTOYS Toku Wave: うわじまアップデート #001

Summer Festivals (夏祭り, Natsu-Matsuri)  in Japan are something you can not ignore its cultural attractions for sure. But unfortunately, most of them are canceled due to the pandemic in 2020 and this year, and Uwajima City is no exception. Instead of the large crowdy festival, the people of Uwajima City managed to hold Summer Night Market (夜市 Yo-ichi) on Sunday night of August 7th. Yo-Ichi is one of the popular local activities you can enjoy participating in Japan from July to August. Various pop-up stores and mini-game activities were set up along with Uwajima Gintengai local shopping streets, and of course, under the strict social distance and mask regulation. Uwajima NPO Center set up a shaved ice shop the night, and we sold well over 240 of Kaki-Goori (かき氷, Shaved Ice with Flavored Syrup). The surplus will be used for the association’s activities serving Uwajima City and its people.

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